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Low-key and relaxed style wedding photography

Menu style services perfect for more relaxed weddings. You tell me when to arrive and what moments to capture. My only plan is to go for a stroll giving you a few minutes to break away and be together as we make our way to a beautiful spot for photos. We'll stop there for a few low-key posed photos; you'll be surprised what you can get in just a few minutes (while simply enjoying each other)! Then, it is about capturing you enjoying your day, your ceremony, your guests, and your love.

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Menu style pricing and services for your convenience

Menu style pricing and services for your convenience.

When you are ready, we will meet via phone or in-person:

1.) Go through contract

2.) Go over details of day

3.) Collect the deposit

4.) Start choosing and thinking about the menu of photos for the day

5.) Continue to communicate as needed until the big day

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