Familiy sessions are my favorite

I LOVE families! I believe families exist to sustain, hold, and lift each other up. As far back as I can remember I have always had a passion for families. Passion is my first reason why I love family sessions so much! My bachelor’s degree is in Psychology and I started a Master’s in Family Counseling right after I finished my bachelor’s degree. However, I removed myself from the program because it just didn’t feel like the right direction for me at the time. Years later I ended up with an MBA and work full-time in Analytics now. It is awesome to see how my passion for families has now reappeared into my love for photography. Everything worked together for good. 

I enjoy individual and couple shoots, but I try to incorporate all of those elements into family sessions. Whenever possible I try to incorporate single shots, couple shots, and sibling shots into every family session. Variety is the second reason why I love family sessions. I believe it is important to capture portraits of every member that will allow it. 😊 In family sessions it is very common for photographers to capture individual portraits of children. I like to add single shots of moms and dads too. I think it is important to have a portrait of yourself for you, but also for the kids to have those memories to keep forever as well.

My goal for every family session is to have fun and capture those moments of love and connection. I suggest fun prompts to create connections and then mix that up with poses here and there. I know as a mom I want to see all those beautiful faces pointed in the same direction as the camera if at all possible, but I also want to capture those moments of beautiful connection between family members. Do families always lift each other up? No! Does everything always go as planned in a session? No! But that is part of the journey and just as families do, we will figure things out together.

Two of my favorite family quotes:

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. ~ Mother Teresa

The love in our family flows strong and deep, giving us memories to treasure and keep. ~ Anonymous

Hope to see you at a family session soon!

Love, Ang