The journey to Angela McGuire Photography

Oh hello! I am Angela McGuire, creator, believer, and photographer. I am married to Mike, my high school sweetheart. Reflecting on twenty years of marriage this year, I am filled with many emotions: pride, joy, and love, to name a few. It is amazing to have found the right person at such a young age. As I think back to who I was as a teenager, I realize that my passion for photography started before I even met Mike. Did I mention how amazing Mike is? Well, he is. He picked up on this passion of mine and bought me a camera our first Christmas dating.

After we were married 10 years and had our first child, I bit the bullet and purchased a nice DSLR camera. My passion to learn expanded through the birth of Edward, then daughter Mercedes, Sophia, and finally James. They inspired me to continue learning the art of photography and to improve my skills! I dragged each one of my children, as well as many other friends and family, through my photography journey. A heartfelt thank you goes out to those that have encouraged, inspired, and supported me on my path. Much love to you all!

It is humbling to think that I have wished to bless people with my gift of photography for over 20 years now. I am so excited that you have visited my page! Thanks for being here!

Much love, Ang

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